Flowchart "2d"
«Procedure for product certification»
in the Voluntary certification system INTERGAZCERT

Contract concluded within 3 weeks after application submission

Preliminary Application for product certification shall be submitted by the Applicant on the website of the INTERGAZСERT Voluntary Certification System: www.intergazcert.ru

When submitting a preliminary Application, the Applicant shall:

  1. In the "E-mail" field, specify the Applicant 's e-mail address, to which the Application template and the Filling Instruction are sent by the automatic system of the site,
  2. Under "Application Data," select - "Voluntary Certification" - "Products,"
  3. Under Select Central System Body, select CSC Welding, Non-Destructive Welding and Pressure Tie-ins.
  1. In the field "Activity area," specify the claimed area by product code classifiers,
  2. n the field "Activity area and description of codes in free form" specify the claimed activity area in free form,
  3. In the section "Applicant data," in the corresponding field specify - "Are you a subject of small and medium-sized business," Name of the organization, "Name of the manager," Legal address, "Contact person," Contacts for communication. "

After the submission of the preliminary Application on the site, the specified e-mail address will receive confirmation of its receipt, the template of the Application, the Instructions for filling in.

Upon receipt of the preliminary Application, the CCA "Welding Equipment and Materials, Non-Destructive Inspection of Welded Joints and Pressure Tie-ins" shall review the Application to determine the need for product certification.

When determining the need for certification of products, the CCA sends to the Applicant a list of certification bodies, the competence of which is recognized in the INTERGAZCERT System, capable of providing certification services in accordance with the declared area of activity.

15 calendar days

The Applicant shall send to the chosen Certification Body a letter with the Application executed according to the template, indicating the registration number from the e-mail with confirmation of receipt of the preliminary Application and the list of application documents and the application documents themselves on paper, at the same time:

  • Copies of documents must be certified in accordance with the established procedure (signature, name, position, date, seal),
  • Specifications for products approved by the manufacturer or authorized person in the form of a managed copy, meaning that the Certification Body shall be notified of the changes made.

The applicant sends a copy of the Application letter to the Central Certification Authority.

The Product Certification Body shall register the letter and the Application with a set of application documents on the day of their receipt.

Upon receipt of the application documents, the Product Certification Body shall analyze the Application and the submitted application documents.

The Product Certification Body and the Applicant agree on the procedure for submitting the missing documentation (if necessary) and draw up a draft contract.

In case of insufficient application documents, the Certification Body shall contact the Applicant to submit the missing documents. The deadline for submission of missing documentation by the Applicant shall not exceed five working days.

The Product Certification Body shall register the letter and the Application with a set of application documents on the day of their receipt.

In case of negative results of consideration of the Application, the Certification Body shall send to the Applicant a Notice of refusal to perform certification works with justification of the reasons for the refusal.

5 working days if there are no inconsistencies

Upon payment of the works, the Head of the Certification Body shall appoint an expert group to carry out the product certification works.

The expert group is preparing a programme of analysis of the state of production and a plan of field inspection.

Activities to analyse the state of production include:

  • analysis of technology documentation;
  • inspection of works performed in the area of input control of materials;
  • analysis of production process;
  • inspection of equipment and facilities of process equipment;
  • skill test of personnel;
  • check of metrological support of production;
  • verification of control operations.

The composition of the objects included in the program of analysis of the state of production can be reduced, changed or supplemented taking into account the specifics of the manufactured products, the degree of their potential danger, the volume and duration of production of the products, the stability of the production conditions, the reputation of the enterprise in terms of the quality of the products, the quality of the used components and materials, estimates given by third-party organizations, etc.

Field inspection is carried out by an expert group during manufacture of a certification object or a typical representative of a group of homogeneous products that are subject to certification with presence during its manufacture.

At the same time as samples are taken, the Certification Body shall carry out product identification.

The certification body or the Test Center shall take samples of the claimed product for testing and shall issue a Product Sampling Certificate.

On the basis of the results of the field inspection, the expert group, after the end of the field inspection, shall issue a certificate on the results of the analysis of the state of production, which shall be submitted for familiarization to the Applicant.

The testing laboratory performs tests of selected products, including the following checks and tests in accordance with General specifications Gazprom PJSC "Welding and Non-Destructive Testing. Welding Materials ":

  • сheck of general requirements for welding materials:
    • availability of accompanying documents;
    • сontent of certificates for welding materials;
    • the presence and content of markings on each package;
    • presence and content of marking on welding materials;
    • safety of packing.
  • check of main parameters and quality of welding materials manufacturing:
    • for welding electrodes:
      • electrode length;
      • diameter of electrode wire (rod);
      • curvature of an electrode;
      • length of coated end (bare rod);
      • difference of thickness of a covering;
      • сoating strength, number and size of pores, cracks, cracking in coating;
      • moisture content in the electrode coating;
      • coefficient of mass of a covering;
      • total length of coating breakoff;
      • angle of coating removal on the contact end;
      • presence of rust and scale on electrode rod surface.
    • for welding wire:
      • deviations on diameter;
      • ovality;
      • depth of hairlines, scratches, grinding traces, etc.;
      • thickness of a copper covering;
      • filling factor of powder wire with charge;
      • presence of rust and scale, traces of process lubricants;
      • round course;
      • chemical composition of wire (for wires of solid section).
    • for welding flux
      • humidity;
      • size of granules;
      • the amount of granules of different sizes;
      • lack of foreign debris;
      • color of granules;
    • for shielding gas:
      • percentage of components;
      • dew point;
      • mass fraction of moisture;
      • volume fraction of nitrogen.
    • for materials for thermite welding (soldering):
      • check of density of a core;
      • check for no damage to crucible mold;
      • check on tightness;
      • сheck of chemical composition of built-up metal;
      • peel strength check;
      • shear strength check.
  • • check of welding and processing properties of welding materials during facing on plate:
    • arc initiation;
    • stability of arc burning;
    • metal spraying;
    • welding bead forming quality;
    • elasticity of arc;
    • separation of slag crust.
  • check of determining of chemical composition and other characteristics of welding metal after welding the plates:
    • chemical composition of welding metal;
    • resistance against intergranular corrosion;
    • content of ferrite phase;
    • content of diffusion hydrogen in welding metal.
  • check of determining of mechanical properties and other characteristics of welding metal after welding the plates:
    • ultimate tensile strength;
    • yield strength;
    • elongation;
    • impact strength.

Based on the test results, the Testing Laboratory shall issue the Test Reports and submit them to the Certification Body.

The certification body reviews the materials received in the course of certification works and assesses the conformity of the products with the established requirements. The results of the evaluation are reflected in the Expert Group Act.

3 working days

The certification body shall analyse the results of conformity confirmation. The Management of the Certification Authority shall adopt a Decision on issuing/refusing to issue a Certificate of Conformity.

In case of a positive decision, the Certification Body shall issue the draft Compliance Certificate and send it to the CCA together with the documents that served as the basis for issuing the Certificate.

The CCA shall consider the draft Document Certificate.

In case of a positive decision, the Central Office assigns a registration number to the Certificate and sends to the Certification Body the form of the Certificate, the printing version with the registration number.

The Certification Body shall prepare and send to the Applicant a draft contract for inspection control and authorization for the application of a conformity mark (for schemes of class "a").

The Certification Body shall, within three days from the date of making a positive decision by the CCA, issue the Certificate and hand over the original Certificate to the Customer.

The Certification Body shall prepare and send to the Applicant a draft contract for inspection control and authorization for the application of a conformity mark (for schemes of class "a").

For more information on the procedure for certification of products in the INTERGAZCERT System, refer to the document OGN0.RU.0122 «Order of certification of products.