Limited Liability Company Attestation and Certification Center "Engineering and Technological Service of Welding Production" (LLC ACC "ETSWP", Moscow, hereinafter the Center) conducts:

  • Certification of welding production (personnel, materials, equipment, technologies) in the Welding Production Certification System (SAS) ( More) in the structure of SRO Association "NAKS" ( More).
  • Evaluation of qualification of welding personnel (More  ) in the structure of SRO Association "NAKS" which has the authority of the Council for Professional Qualifications in the Field of Welding (SPCC) ( More).
  • Certification of products in the Voluntary Certification System of Gazprom PJSC INTERGAZCERT ( More) in the structure of the Central Certification Body "Equipment and Materials for Welding, Non-Destructive Inspection of Welded Joints and Pressure Tie-ins" ( More).